So who's is the piece of scrap metal then?

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Come on, own up! Who owns that piece of scrap metal that has just been shown in the gallery? Actually, the new platform looks good, shame it's wrong for Lurch! 
Where did it come from? Did you put it together or was it done by someone else? How long has it taken you from the heap of bits in the garage to something that looks like a Haflinger again?



  • Yes, own up, some very interesting photos, lets have more info on your rebuild, looks like you have turned what can only be described as a  ' Basket Case ' into what will be a very nice Haflinger, one question on the last photo, what are the items on the shelf at the back of the new body ? Keep up the good work.
     Regards Pete
  • I`m guilty, the rust bucket is mine, but here`s a little background. It was about 30 years ago I saw a couple of haflingers at local show and thought they looked ace. About three years ago I found one on eBay just looking at "projects" and bought the rust bucket, It did look a lot better when i bought it, the platform was covered in an aluminium plate and filler covered all the holes,and under seal plastered underneath,  but hay I didn't even know what the platform was supposed to look like back then. The body was shot but the running gear turned out to be in very good condition, I stripped the hubs,diffs gearbox and engine and rebuilt them all with new gaskets, bearings and seals. I also got 2 invacar engines in the deal one of which was in excellent condition,the other had a worn crank shaft. I bought some VW barrels and pistons and machined the engine castings, barrels and cylinder heads to fit , then profiled the piston tops to match haflinger ones and changed the compression ratio to 8.5:1, it runs a treat and that is the engine that is fitted in the chassis at the moment. The nose cone and screen are in need of welding but not to drastic and that is my next job, I have just refurbished my mig welder got a new gas bottle and will be buying a small metal bender to help with the work, I will put some more pictures on when the nose cone is fitted.
    Answering what was on the shelf at the back of the platform photo, they are life cycle testing fixtures for testing automotive latches etc, the body was delivered to my place of work because it needed a fork lift truck to get it off the lorry, then I stored it against the racking for a couple of days until I hired a van to take it home, The platform was from Haflinger Technik they are distributors for  Paul Kretz     in Austria, a web site worth looking at ,well thats it for now , thanks for showing interest.

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    Hi Morgac, what an interesting article, looking forward to more photos and write up, do you fancy doing an article for the Club Magazine when its finished ?  We are all ways looking for new material, and also thanks for putting the link to Paul Kretz web site, by the way,  have you joined the Club yet ? if not and you would like to join, just send me a message on contact us and I will send you a Membership Form, all the best and good look with your project.   Regards Pete
  • Hi Pete, yes I am a member of the club, I will be attending some of your events this year even if the Haflinger is not finished. Regards Clive
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