Drive shaft to UJ oil seal issue

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When i first got Lurch, I went for an MOT and on the way back discovered that there was oil leak marks all over the inside of the nearside (LH side as you look in direction of travel) front wheel. - Diff oil. So that meant the seal and mud deflection collar were not good.

So as part of the rebuild of the front hubs, swivel pins, brakes, clean and lubrication of the universal joint(s) I replaced the strange "double thickness / double lip" oil seal and the mud deflection collar. Job done, I thought.

Stupid thing is leaking again!

So that means opening the brake system. I don't like using a clamp on the flexible hoses as that breaks the internal surface of the pipes and then you get strange braking issues. Okay, so that's only a litre of Brake fluid and the hassle of bleeding the system again.

Disconnect the steering track rod end - with the correct tool, not really a problem.

Remove the top and bottom swivel pins, possibly a pain if they have developed a wear lip, but as they were replaced two years ago I don't think they will be that bad.

Pull the hub - easy.

Pull the offending oil seal - easy.

Now do I put a speedy seal saver sleeve on the mud deflection sleeve or replace it? I do have a replacement but seeing as it is leaking so soon after having been fitted, did I get a slightly duff one?

I also have a replacement of the strange seal, but again like the mud deflection sleeve, was it damaged before I fitted it? After?
Both things are expensive things to have to keep replacing.

Has anyone done anything different? Like fit two seals instead of that one strange seal? My local bearing / oil seal has never seen one like that before and so far has been unable to get me a replacement, which leaves only the Haflinger suppliers as sources. (where do they get them from?)

I was very careful when I put the drive shaft back about not scraping it along the oil seal lip, but it is possible that it cut the lip a bit and that is why it is leaking again. The other side does not leak and I did the same on that side.

Anybody with any advice before I spend time outside in the cold and wet busy replacing bits?



  • I replaced one of those strange seals with two normal knife edge seals back to back. I assumed that the seal was designed to keep water from going into the diff and oil out. My seals have worked fine over several years, but haven't done many miles with them
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    Hi Peter,

    Many thanks for the relevant idea regarding putting two seals in as replacement. I hadn't thought about putting one the other way round to keep water out. Seems a good idea. I was thinking along the lines of two seals the same way round with the lips keeping oil in the drive tubes as oil leaks are the main issue.

    I am not sure that original seal has any particular design for keeping water out, The extra "shroud" part just seems to be a reasonably snug fit for the mud deflector collar. Even then I would guess there is a couple of mm gap so along with the mud deflector shield which also has a couple of mm gap, the two things are only going to reduce the amount of mud / stones / grit / water that gets as far as the seal.

    So do you have any dimensions for the seals you used. The parts book lists it as being 47/30/10 - does that mean you were able to fit 2 x 10mm thick seals in there with enough depth still to hold the outer one? Or do I need to try and source thinner ones like 8mm or even 6mm thick ones?

  • They were thin, so that the two together were approx the same thickness as the original. Sadly at this time distance I can't remember the acual size.
  • I am currently trying out some "stop oil leak" stuff that is supposed to make oil seals swell or become softer. Hopefully that will work without having to resort to pulling the hub off to replace the oil seal and maybe the mud deflector collar.

    I am still trying to decide why they put that strange shaped oil seal in there. Anybody got any ideas?

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    Well, the day dawned bright and sunny so I decided I would deal with the leaking front drive shaft.

    Having dismantled all the other stuff as per the list above, I pulled the hub and cleaned the offending parts.

    The mud deflector collar has two polished rings on it where the oil seal had been touching it. NO visible damage to the surface of the collar.
    NO visible damage to the oil seal lips either - so don't know why it was leaking!!

    Used my spare replacement oil seal to replace the one that was fitted to the drive shaft, but did not tap it all the way home so it will run on a slightly different part of the collar. Hopefully this will mean the leak stops...

    Put it all back together and will change the diff oil tomorrow.

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    Hi John, sounds like your'e going to have a busy week end, but hey,  that's what week ends are for. either playing with your Haflinger or repairing them,   hope all goes well and Lurch is back on the road soon     Pete
  • No leaks so far, but then I have not put a lot of miles on recently. Too busy ripping out the old bathroom and putting a new one in. Lots of tiling and plumbing to be done.

    Useful vehicle to take stuff to the dump - sorry, civic amenity point, Fits under the barrier with no problems.

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