Lurch and the MOT tester

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Lurch had to have his annual MOT test today.

The MOT test(er) probably wasn't even born when Lurch was
made... Had to explain where everything was, lights - pull that switch. Dip?
Put your foot on that switch on the floor. Wipers? That switch there. Where's
the key to start the engine? Switch that on, press that button...

Still we got there in the end. He found a gear and drove it
on to the lift, it's so narrow that it only just fits. When he was looking
underneath for somewhere to jack the rear and then the front up, he had to go
and "borrow" from the other MOT bay some more spacers to allow the
jack to reach the drive shaft tubes in order to get the wheels off the floor.
Looked at this, turned that, looked at that, wiggled this and that. Finished
doing those checks and discovered that the track had narrowed even further when
he jacked the front up using the central tube. Still it drove off the lift with
no problems - once he had found reverse gear!

Took it outside with his new-fangled electronic (idiot proof
- only has a single light that goes from red to green) Tappley meter. He only
managed to stay in one gear and when he hit the brakes it lifted the rear
wheels off the floor..... For some reason he did that twice? Do you think he
was having fun? Actually, I was waiting for him just to take his foot off the accelerator and see what happens...

So at the end of it all, Lurch has passed for another year
with flying colours.



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    H John, we had the same problems with MOT testers when we took our Haflingers and Pinzgauers in for there first tests, we had to show them where every thing was, we now take them to the same testing station every year , which is good because they now know where every thing is and they also enjoy testing them as they are something different and it makes a change from there every day tests.  
       If any other Forum Member has had the same problems or any thing else regarding MOT tests this is the place to post.  Pete
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