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Now that Polly, the sad green Hafi has morphed into Polly the newly painted Pebble Grey Hafi,  and has a nice new engine I thought I would treat her to some new shockers. Driving the lanes during the Treffen has convinced me that this is now necessary.  I have a long list of part numbers from Sachs and Boge and have been looking for a supplier for the double action shocks that were original equipment. The Sachs number is 749 002 and several Eastern European web sites suggest they have them in stock. I understand that HT have single action ones that fit, but it would be nice to get the proper thing. 
I have been quoted 67 euros each which is quite steep, but on the basis of fit and forget may be worth it as a long term investment.  Do any of the Wizards have any other suggestions, or supply routes?



  • I wonder if the motor cycle shock manufacture Hagon have anything that is suitable? They actually make the shocks they sell and are prepared to make some un-obtainable ones as they made some for the Heinkel 150 3 wheel "bubble car".

    Buy a pair at a time - but you run the risk of them selling out before you buy the next two! So with that comment written, I would buy all 4 if going that route....

  • Thanks John. Yes, I would buy all 4 in one go, but I just wonder end if anyone else had bought the real things from anywhere, and at what cost.
  • Most people that I have heard of, have bought single action shocks as the size appears to be wrong to get double action ones easily.
    Got to worth a phone call to Hagon's.

    If your shocks are that bad, Any new ones will be better!   :-?

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