Hello from a new pinz 6x6 motorhome owner

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It's time I introduced myself. My name is Steve. I recently bought a pinz auto 6 X 6 caoch built motorhome on a 1989 plate. It requires a refit inside and some axel seals replacing along with almost all of its axel boots.
Now I'm new to these vehicles. Having owned a agri unimog for over 7 years. First impressions are I absolutely love the pinz as a motorhome. I am in no way a mechanic and I am registered disabled following a spinal injury while self employed in forestry. This motorhome will allow me to get back out into the countryside, without a fear of getting stuck in mud or rough terrain. I can also lay down in the vehicle should my back require a days rest. With this in mind. I realise I will rely on knowledgable mechanics to help or undertake any maintenance work that is beyond me.
Hopefully through this forum I can find information about spare part suppliers and advice. Ultimately find a good mechanic, mobile or stationary that can get to know me and my vehicle.
I plan to make the most of my time using the vehicle as a base to camp/ research/ visit the wilder parts of the U.K. Together with my younger partner, our new baby and our 11 year old son, who we intend to home educate as of this year. The sooner I can get the mods done to the pinz the better.
I'm having difficulty with seating arrangements for our two kids. The motorhome has three lap belts on a two seater rear facing bench seat and one forward facing bench seat with lapbelt. If anyone has fitted three point seat belts in the rear or fitted a forward facing child seat in the front, between the driver and passenger seats. I would like to hear of your experience.
Also I'm keen to acquire a brush bar for extra safety. I assume these are Hard to come by.
I will post photos as I get on with the work.
Looking forward to becoming a active member of the forum.
Cheers Steve


  • Welcome Steve,

    You have come to the right forum, as well.

  • Hi Steve, Welcome to the Forum, as John says you have come to the right place, also it would be help full if you could let people know the area that you live in, would you be interested in joining the club, Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK, if so I can send you a New Member Application Form by Email, hope you enjoy your new vehicle.  Regards Pete Elliott  Club Secretary and Forum Admin
  • Thanks for the welcome.
    Hi Pete, yes I would like to join. knowing myself, this pinz will be a big part of my life, for life. What other owners/ enthusiasts can tell me about my vehicle that I don't yet know, could fill a warehouse. Please do email me the membership form.
    Cheers Steve
  • Just to add, I'm based in the Fenlands on the outskirts of Cambridge.
  • If it is running then bring it along to Dersingham - come along even if it isn't running. You'll find details in the events section on here.

  • I had previously read about the Dersington meeting. Excited I mentioned it to my other half, she reminded me of a Beltain gathering we were going to the same weekend. Nothing is set in stone in our way year planner. So I'm suggesting variety being the spice of life and it is close by, which is always a bonus with fuel costs. Meeting other owners and putting faces to forum members, makes communicating online more fun too.
    If at the time the pinz is not ready. I do have a Ford Transit County 4x4 camper conversion on the road. So weekend activities are a high priority.
    It would be good to take the pinz along so I can be told more about it from those in the know & a few driving lessons won't go a miss. Always something to learn about these specialist vehicles.
    I bought the workshop manual for my Unimog., It come in Two huge volumes both bigger than the bible.
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    Hi Steve, I have sent you 2 Emails about Dersingham, the 2nd one has the Event Flyer attached, looking forward to seeing you there.  All the Best Pete
  • Thanks for the emails. I'm hoping my other half can clear her diary for that weekend. The more I share with her about the new arrival (pinz) the more she shows interest. It can only be a good thing. She is incredibly passionate about refurbishing (decorating) the inside of the motorhome. I do trust her, but reverse psychology is called for when it comes down to man cave practicalities.
  • I shall be driving Lurch from Lewes to Dersingham starting early on the Saturday morning aiming to arrive mid morning / lunch time.
    (If you haven't realised Lurch is a 703AP Haflinger.)
     So average speeds are very slow compared to a Pinz!

  • Well the gods turned on me for the Dersingham meet. I managed to convince my partner that our time would be better spent in a field talking big boys toys, than going to see the mother in law.
    Lifting a unimog front bumper to put it out of the way, I put my back out and 8 days later managed to get up out of bed, get dressed and sit at the table to eat a full meal. It was on the back of my mind that I needed help to move the unimog front bumper, due to the awkward brace brackets that had been welded to it. There's never anyone around these fens though when you need muscle. Hope that weekend went well for you John. Sorry I didn't get to meet you.

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