Changing the timing belt on a pinz, How often and how difficult a job?

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Having bought the vehicle from the son of the original purchaser, I understand maintenance of the vehicle for the last ten years, may have been none existent. Apart from a few MOT's. The service history (book) has had no inserts since the late 1990,s
My list of jobs is growing along with the potential bill.
Is changing the timing belt a nightmare of a job? Is it a job for the experienced if not professionals? Could most service garages undertake the job without first hand experience of working on pinz? Is the job relatively accessible from the engine access covers in the cab or more of a vehicle strip down to do the work?
Recorded vehicle mirage is 52k but I'm having difficulty trusting the odometer. When comparing mileage readings between the speedo Mileometer wheels and my satnav. The descrepancy is as much as 1mile + 3/10ths on the clock compared to 1 mile on the sat nav. No telling if this has been the same for a long time. But if not it's a 50,000 mile timing belt change, if it's not been changed several times before.
Any advice, opinions please?


  • As I don't own a Pinz, I'm afraid I can't help with the questions relating to the timing belt other than to say, have you got a workshop manual and a parts book? If not then those are really essential items to have.

    Hopefully Nigel will get to look at this thread. He would be able to tell you what's involved. - Another reason to come to Dersingham!

  • Thanks John. I don't have either of them, I do intend buying both the workshop manual and the parts book. I need them in book form as CD's are just too impractical for me. I have no disc reader. I feel like I'm back at the foot of a mountain again with this vehicle. I know it will be years and years before I get to know the ins and outs. I'm going through the wiring at the moment. With it being coachbuilt motorhome of nearly 30 years. Electrical systems get abandoned and wires unplugged/disconnected. I did find what looks like the 240volt power cable had the blue wire chewed to copper behind the fridge, under the bench panels. So today will be much about putting that right and investigating some more.
  • Have fun with the bird's nest !

    As you say, electrical systems tend to get added to over the years and nobody bothers to document the addition as most think it would be self evident where it goes to and from!

    Obviously not helped by our furry friends that need to gnaw and plastic is just the right consistency. Lurch had a HT lead chewed through to the copper (hidden behind the bottom pulley) which took a long time to find and cure the misfire! 

  • The timing belt is NOT a diy job! but a competant garage will be able to carry it out as the engine is only a VW 2.4 turbo diesel as fitted to the old VW LT vans and trucks. access is fine once the engine covers inside the cab have been removed. As to the workshop and parts manuals, I can supply them in book form.
    If you are coming to Dersingham next week we can discuss it there. Look forward to meeting you.
    Cheers Nigel.
  • Thank you for the feedback Nigel, having emailed steve I have more of an idea now.
  • hi,the cambelt is not to difficult a job,if it has not been apart for a while all the screws/bolts holding down the covers will more than likely be seized,and you will need to drill/tap new threads,and replace them,while it is apart change everything,waterpump,belt,pulleys,tensioner,anything the repairer is not happy with discard,also the alternator and power steering pump belts,i found all this out to my expense,DO IT ONCE DO IT RIGHT,also i flushed the engine oil,as it was quite black and smelt of carbon,once up and running should be ok!,although i believe your 6x6 has stood for some time,i bought mine a year ago now,running like a swiss watch as they say,if you need parts let me know,regards ashley.
  • Thanks for the advice swan song, your right it hasn't been apart in years, although some work was done on the water pump for the MOT I believe. I understand what your saying about change all that needs changing. Apart from the cost nvolved it's got to be done. I over ran on my vehicle budget and went considerably into dept with this purchase. So it is a case of buy when and if until I have built up funds to get the work done. I notice you have some spares advertised for sale. Where a outs are you based?
    Cheers Steve
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