Dutch Treffen 2016 - A belated article!

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A very
belated article of Lurch's trip to the 8th Dutch Treffen
held in May 2016. Lurch had a full service before hand in order to
pass the annual MOT and to get ready for the trip to the Netherlands.
The back was loaded up with all the camping gear and a selection of
spares and tools the day / evening before. Early on a Thursday
morning my friend Stephen and I drove Lurch to the ferry port.

This year
we managed to get on the ferry without worrying about the Dynastart
(I had borrowed a spare just in case). In fact my rebuilt Dynastar has
worked perfectly since we changed it on the outskirts of Calais port
last year when the original failed.

Other than
stopping for either petrol or a rest break we headed non-stop for the
campsite. No arguments with the Sat-Nav or maps this year. Campsite
found without trouble and we booked in. First thing was to put tup the
tent – yet another different one from last year. That one suffered
broken fibreglass poles in the storm and I found another via
Freecycle. Having put the tent up we wandered round and found various
other Haflingers and owners either just arriving and putting up tents
or chilling after their journeys.

amazing how bad your memory gets when you get older. I know we did
lots of different things, but I can only remember the visit to some
man made tunnels / caves which included a stop at a very strange spot
in Europe. The point at which three countries meet! So I'll leave it
to you to work out which three countries. There were some really
amazing charcoal paintings / drawings in there when you consider they
were all done with the light of a single candle or two. What I didn't
manage to work out was why they made tunnels whilst cutting the
sandstone for building blocks, why not make an open cast cutting /

We had a
good road run with all the vehicles, only one which had some problems
but they solved pretty quickly allowing us to continue down the green
lanes and tracks. The campsite provided the venue for the evening
meal and that meant we didn't have far to walk to get back to the
tent! I am sure we did more whilst we were there, but after six
months I don't remember what they were!

The drive
back was uneventful, if long due to the no longer modern road speed
of a Haflinger. Lurch has the latest high speed hubs, but coupled
with the governor and forty years of use, cruising speed is not the
same as the plated 47mph! Average on a long run on main roads is
nearer 38 /39mph as measured by GPS. Still you do get more time to
look at other things during your journey than just the road and

I am sure
I should have more interesting things that happened during the
weekend that I could put down in this writeup, but as I don't
remember them, they won't get included!

Stephen and Lurch (AP703 MkII)


  • Thanks for the article John, you did send us a more detailed article which we printed in the Club Magazine Volume 27 Number 2 2016, or had you forgotten !   :)) ....... Pete
  • The consequences of getting old - you forget what you have forgotten!

  • Ahhhh but it was still worth a second read I loved it 
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