how much to buy a Haffy?

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I would like another Haffy in good condition, I've lost touch with the values of these. Do you think 10k would buy one?


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    Hi Peter ,£10K would definitely buy you a good Haflinger, the trick is finding one for sale, maybe some one on the Forum may have one for sale, good luck with your search.  Regards Pete
  • I sold a "reasonable" Haf last year for ~£5.5k. Mechanically sound but some tin worm in the body panels. As Pete says, £10k would get you a very nice one, but it is just the luck of the draw if and when one comes up in the condition that you are comfortable with.

    My "restored" Haf is worth much more than that to me, so I'll hang on to it for a while :)
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    Ah yes, finding them is another problem entirely. Perhaps now Dale is selling virtually complete bodies a wreck is a good option
  • Question is if you are after a "restored" one, LHD or RHD , civilian or military. Are you prepared to buy from Europe or are you specifically after UK vehicle. There will be premium for a "fully" restored Haflinger as opposed to a "working" vehicle, but I am sure you know that already.

    There are more available from Europe than local UK ones, so you might be waiting a while if want a UK one.

  • Hi Peter, I have sent you an Email regarding your search for a Haflinger, hope the information helps.  Regards Pete
  • Hi Peter Eddie Britton is selling a short wheel base poly cab if its not gone already. Cheers Al
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