Help with V55 form

Hi all,
I just moved from Switzerland to the UK (near Perth, Scotland) and my '72 Pinzgauer 710M is part of the move!

Now is time to have it registered locally, and I have a few questions about what to enter into DVLA's form V55, mostly:
- Field 8 "Type of Body". Can anyone with a canvas-top Pinz let me know what is mentioned on field D.5 of your V5C registration certificate?
- Field 18 "Number of seats": I used to have 10 on my Swiss registration, but they reduced it to 2 on the paperwork last year because they considered that the rear seats are not fit for use anymore due to the lack of seatbelts... do you think I could mention 10 again and explain?
I should be OK with the rest. Hopefully the DVLA won't be too picky...

Looking forward to exchanging with UK-based old Austrian off-road vehicle owners/afficionados!



  • Hi Jan,
    Sorry can't help with your question as I only have a Haflinger. There are a couple of people on here who have Pinzgauers, but as you can tell, they don't really frequent the site.
    For all that it is American based, might be worth while posting your question over on:-

  • Hello Jan. Having registered a few canvas top Pinzgauers I always declared them as Pick Up with 2 seats. Your 1972 Pinz will be tax exempt and MOT exempt and have Historic Vehicle taxation class. One question, have you filled in a NOVA 1 form for HM Customs and Excise? you will need a letter from them before DVLA will issue a V5. If I can be of any further help just ask.
    Regards Nigel Elliott.
  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    Noted on the "Pick-Up" designation and 2 seats. With my current registration being 2-seats, I guess it is safer to stick to this and not give DVLA reasons to reject it.

    Upon importation, I filled a form to get "Transfer of Residence" tax relief from HM Customs and I announced the truck's arrival in the country as per their request. They did issue a NOVA letter after this, yes. I will attach a copy of the letter to my DVLA application.

    I am on the US forum (handle is "GenevaPinz"), but thought this would be a better place to ask UK-specific questions.

  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that DVLA registered my Pinzgauer a week ago, so all went well. Thanks again for your help!!

  • Great to hear that Jan, I’ve recently joined the site here - I’ve got a 1978 710k so you are not the only Pinzgauer owner!
  • Well done, it's always nice to hear that someone has managed to get DVLA to do something for them.

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