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Morning All
I am in the process of owning a rhd 1965 haflinger (in bits) which I should have home here in about two weeks time.
I will then have to start making her roadworthy I have a couple of queries as follow.

Do they all have diff locks if so how many ie center. 

Is there a good place to get a parts manual.

Is there anyone close to me that has one for me to take a look I'm in Dundee Tayside DD4

I'm new to this thanks 



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    Hi Alan, All Haflingers have difflocks,  one in front axle and one in rear axle, you could try haflingertechnik for a parts manual ( Look on the Links Pages and click on haflingertechnik )  I see you have sent a message on contact us regarding joining the club, we will send out a membership form to you, once joined you will get a list of current members and you can see who is in your area, hope this info helps.  
    Regards Pete Elliott  ( Club Secretary )
  • Thanks for that Elliot

  • Hi Alan,


    You talk about getting "bits" home, How many bits exactly? More than about 5 will mean a lot of work trying to figure out where things go!

    Good luck with the rebuild. We need photos, lots of photos!

    (Owner of Lurch - 1973 LWB)
  • Thanks John Ill add photos when I get her home.
  • Thanks for that Barry Ill take a look :
  • Actually, the way things work on a Haflinger is as follows:-

    It is rear wheel drive (2 wheel drive). - mainly for road use.
    Pull up a lever in the cab, it is four wheel drive (both front and rear wheels are driven by the engine).
    Pull up another lever and the rear differential is locked. (both rear wheels will turn even if one is in the air)
    Pull up another lever and the front differential is locked (both front wheels will turn even if one is in the air)

    All are independent of each other except that if you don't have the 4 wheel drive locker pulled in, then locking the front differential is pointless!


  • Hi Alan,

    I'm an hour up the road from you, and have had three Hafs now but got too scared on the A90 flat out in the Haf, so recently moved up to a Pinz. I'd certainly not call myself an expert, but all my Hafs were ground up rebuilds, one with a new body and one with a bored engine, so plenty dirty fingernails and skinned knuckles. I'm through Dundee at least once a month, and more than happy to help out if I can at all.
  • Hi Jock
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to u but I have just noticed I had mail.
    It would be great to talk to someone who had done one or two of these before hand.
    I was in the process of pulling the body of to have quite a few repairs sorted and new ones done.
    I have had the enjine running and all seems well.
    This summer seems to be a very busy one with shows and copetitions on so being spending a lot of time on my other toys but that should get quiter soon and I can spend more time on her.
    Where about are you? im at DD4 if you are down this way at all with time on your hands give me a call and you can pop in. As I say it would be great to talk to someone that knows a about these hafies.
    My number is 07976729833
    Regards Alan
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    Hi Alan

    I'm in Stonehaven, and away for a week in the highlands tonight, but when I'm back I'll give you a call and maybe run down one night on the bike (if its dry and warm!), of next time I'm passing through Dundee, give you a shout on spec. and see if we can meet up.  Got a note of your number. J  

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    My Goodness!

    A thread I didn't start which has more than 1 reply! :) :)
    How about putting some pictures in the gallery?

  • drove onto the trailer!
  • Hi Alan, have you any photos of the Haf  ' in bits ' ( Re your first posting ) as i'm sure it would be interesting to see and well done for getting the Haf up and running, any chance of doing an article on the rebuild for the Club Magazine ? Regards Pete Elliott
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