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  • Hi, I would take the distributor out to do any work on it , if you follow the manual it has alignment marks when replacing it , so you can set the timing, once you've done it once its straight forward, good luck . Take a photo before you remove it, …
  • Number 14 fits in it 
  • Hi I think this bracket is where the strap that stops the door flying open to far attaches, well that's what i used it for 
  • Hi, all the service manuals can be downloaded from here Enjoy your Haflinger they are awesome fun . Clive 
  • Inner roof liner for storing the doors out of the way when not in use, got to do something when on lockdown.
  • Hi , Looks like a real nice job, is it made from canvas or mohair, great colour as well, I think i tried to get a quote from all wheel trim, but I had no response, I remember the guys name Kim, but I may be wrong. I like the full length lift up side…
  • Hi John, regarding the invacar engine , do you know what the difference is between the haflinger and invacar camshaft, I have 2 invacar engines stripped down and one haflinger all 3  have number 5 stamped on the camshaft, If they are different I wil…
  • Cheers Jon GL4 it is and hope it makes the layshaft quieter or gearbox out time , again.
    in Gearbox Oil Comment by morgac July 2019
  • With the doors finished
  • In the end i made it myself, Im quite pleased on the results , I have completed the doors as well now , they were the most difficult bit 
  • Thanks for the advice and comments, I will get in touch with allwheeltrimCheers, I will let you know how I get on Regards Clive
  • Hi John, I see your point , just wanted to route the pipe in the correct place, its been 6 years since i stripped it down and didn't have a photo of that bit, i will get the pipe on and take it for the MOT, it was the last bit , Cheers for the comme…
  • Ahhhh but it was still worth a second read I loved it 
  • Hi Julian , I live in Stourport on Severn , near Worcester I will be attending some of the haflinger club events this year even if it's not finished, I will have to be a spectator , Regards Clive.
  • Hi Julian, The body identity plate says1962, and it was first registered in May 63, So yours must also have the front cab welded to the bodywork ? Regards Clive
  • Hi John, You were right on all points , I will have to find a 5 speed SWB center tube if I need to fit the 5 speed box, That was a close one if I had tried to swap the gear box at a later date I would have found the body would not align, a lot of e…
  • Hi John, I thought the difference in length was the spacer that fits on the bell housing , the 4 speed does not have this , I'm sure that the platform mount centres are the same , the engine on the 4 speed would be closer to the gearbox and use a di…
  • Hi John, What I'm doing is rebuilding an early MK 1, 1962, I have rebuilt and modified the engine,rebuilt all the running gear and gearbox, and fitted a new platform, I still have the battery box ,fuel tank , and toolbox to repair, the nose cone and…
  • Hi Pete, I bought the polycab about a year ago for spares, the body was shot, it fell in half when I lifted it from the chassis , but it had a good engine with excellent condition bores and crank, toolbox, tow bar ,battery box, and all the running …
  • Thanks for the reply John, I understand what you saying, my body work does not have the channel for the rubber to slide in, but that's no problem now I know which way to fit it ,it might make it easier to fit, and I look forward to driving the hafli…
  • Hi Pete, yes I am a member of the club, I will be attending some of your events this year even if the Haflinger is not finished. Regards Clive
  • I`m guilty, the rust bucket is mine, but here`s a little background. It was about 30 years ago I saw a couple of haflingers at local show and thought they looked ace. About three years ago I found one on eBay just looking at "projects" and bought th…
  • Hi Guys, I bought a complete platform from Haflinger Teknik about a year ago , it was great quality but quite expensive, my haflinger is a 1962 SWB and the original platform was beyond repair, Teknik do stock repair panels and will supply the platfo…

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