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  • Hi Julian, Send me an Email ( Email address is in Club Magazine ) and I can send you details of what the Club can do for you.  Regards Pete Elliott  Club Secretary and Forum Admin
  • Thank you ' huflinger ' your vote has been noted,  Regards clubsec.....  admin
  • Please note our Face Book Page is The Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK
  • Hi John, we have an ex MOD 9x9 military tent, we waterproofed it with a product called Fabsil, you just brush it on, bought it from a firm called Towsure, just Googled Fabsil, loads of places sell it, Amazon, Ebay, and loads more,       Pete
  • Very sad news indeed, it was all ways nice to meet John at Club Events which in his younger years he attended on a regular basis in ' Chas ' his Swiss Army Haflinger. he will be sadly missed.  Pete Elliott ' 
  • Hi John, thanks for giving peter.m advice on his brake problem.  Regards Pete
  • Hi Peter, I have sent you an Email regarding your search for a Haflinger, hope the information helps.  Regards Pete
  • Hi Peter ,£10K would definitely buy you a good Haflinger, the trick is finding one for sale, maybe some one on the Forum may have one for sale, good luck with your search.  Regards Pete
  • Thanks John for the update, look forward to the conclusion of the article, All ways said that Alf was brill !!  can we print the article in the next Club Magazine, not out till October so hope fully ' Lurch ' will be sorted by then and we can print …
  • Thanks for the article John, you did send us a more detailed article which we printed in the Club Magazine Volume 27 Number 2 2016, or had you forgotten !   ) ....... Pete
  • Hi John, Oh no more repairs on the exhaust, looking at the vid' its not 4 wheel drive that's needed but a chain saw ! but well done to you and ' Lurch ' for getting round........ Pete
  • Hi John, pesky things Trees & Branches Look forward to seeing your new rear cover...... Pete
  • Hi John, nice video, as to the back of Lurch, do you only carry camping gear in the back ? or do you carry other stuff that you need to keep dry when not camping ? if its just when camping have you considered a large detachable box of some sort, jus…
  • Hi Julian B, yes we are planning a calendar for 2017, we put photos of different members Haflingers and Pinzgauers in the calendar,but by all means send us your photos, we will put at least one photo on, however we are all ways looking for photos fo…
  • Hi Triple7, Thanks for your number, Pinzmeister will ring you when sorted LPG price,I will PM you his mobile number incase he can't get through to you, his phone is all ways on. he has got workshop manuals on CD, when you talk to him he will let you…
  • Hi Triple7  Yes he still can't post messages on the Forum, he hasn't replied to you yet as he is finding a price for your LPG conversion, by all means message me your mobile number and I will pass it onto him, Its all ways better to talk than Email …
  • Hi Triple7, Pinzmeister is still having problems with hs computer so he has sent you an Email. Regards Pete
  • Hi Triple7, As John says, Pinzmeister is the one to answer all your questions, we have two Pinzgauers on LPG,  he has also fitted LPG to other Pinzgauers, he has tried to reply to your postings but he is having problems with his computer at the mome…
  • Hi John, pasted link into my browsers search box, works ok, also gone on Youtube, type in Butcher Wood 13 August 10216 this also brings up your Vid' Regards Pete
  • Hi David, Welcome to the Forum, no rules as such on selling on the site, just a word of advice it is best not to put personal phone numbers, Email addresses etc on your advert, people can contact you by clicking on ' send David65 a message ' hope th…
    in FOR SALE Comment by clubsec August 2016
  • No probs John, good look with the brazing,   Pete
  •  Hi John,if yours is a twin choke Zenith Carb then we have a spare manifold.  Pete
  • Hi Steve, I have sent you 2 Emails about Dersingham, the 2nd one has the Event Flyer attached, looking forward to seeing you there.  All the Best Pete
  • Hi Steve, Welcome to the Forum, as John says you have come to the right place, also it would be help full if you could let people know the area that you live in, would you be interested in joining the club, Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK, if so I c…
  • Hi jimmyp, welcome to the Forum, looks like you have a big restoration project on your hands, have you thought of joining our club ( Haflinger and Pinzgauer Club UK ) we have 3 magazines per year with a sales and wanted section which could be use fu…
  • Hi Seth, well done for multi tasking  we do have Club Members in Manchester, Bury, Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley and the rest spread across the UK, our next Event is in May in Norfolk.                            Regards  Clubsec
  • Hi Seth, Welcome to the Forum,  yes we do have off roading / green lane run days during the year,  look at the Events section for more info,  if you would like to join our Club then send a message on Contact Us Regards Clubsec   ( Admin & Club S…
  • Hi Tonkatoy, we have been with Premium Choice for years and found them very helpful even when changing vehicles, it does help when they do know what a Haflinger and even a Pinzgauer is, we have all our vehicles ( apart from the wife;s car ) insured …
  • Thanks for that John, although we attended the Event its nice to read about it, more or less just finished my account of the proceedings for inclusion  in the next Magazine, your account will be published as well.PS sorry for breaking your jack.  Re…
  • Hi Doddsy799 and Heinkeljb  ( Chris & John ) sorry to hear you are having problems with the messaging system here is what you should be doing >   First click on the Members name you are sending a message to..   A box appears with the Members …

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